What’s HDMI ?

Author: Jerry            Released on Oct.28th,2014

HDMI, the full name is: High definition multimedia interface.

Before we only use VGA for the video output for DVR, now with more and more high definition products, VGA output is used less and less, HDMI is the main technology in the market now, and all the DVR of MVTEAM with HDMI output now.

A. Advantage:

1. HDIM can transfer the high quality and uncompressed HD video and multi-channel audio date, the speed of maximum date is 5Gbps.

2. No need to transmit the signal from analog to digital or digital to analog before the transfer,

  this can be ensure the highest quality of audio and video signal transmission.

3. HDMI is a new interface which can support simultaneous transmission of audio and image in one cable, and the signal is uncompressed. The resolution can be up to 1080p, that means 1960*1080 resolution, which is the true HD, not same as the people always said 720p, 1280*720p High definition!

B. The display for HDMI

  LCD TV, computer monitors (relatively rare), monitor display devices, and LCD TV with HDMI interface is the most common device. Mostly for LCD TV, there will be about 3-6 HDMI output.

C. The cable for HDMI

  There are many different type for HDMI cable, according to the diameter, there is 30, 28, 24 kinds, the smaller the numbers, the larger the diameter. And large diameter is better, and also some with magnetic head, some not, with magnetic hear, more steady.

D. Distance for the transfer

  HDMI cable supports 1080p signal transmission, but the distance is limited.

  At present, 20m for 1080p is the longest distance, if far than 20 meter, there will be infulence for the image or no image. And also this distance depends on the quality of the cable you choose, there is little difference for the distance for the cable from different factories! Of couse,if you need longer distance, you can use the signal ampliffier (up to 30 meter), or cable extender, up to 60 meters as theory, 45m at least !

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